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Using KAS to move a Morris from CT to AL later this month. Needs new canvas so I'm not too concerned with the skin but the interior looks to be in excellent shape and I'd rather not subject it to road salt slime. Anyone have a source for a good road-worthy cover? Seems I've seen several at assembly but didn't pay attention since I've never really had the need for one until now.
Check the cover that is in our on-line store. It is basically a spandex tube that slides over the canoe. Should work well for transport. I use one during rotten weather. Cinch the ends up with wire ties......
Shrink wrap, the kind that goes in the holder for wrapping pallets. I'm wrapping one tonite for tomorrows journey through a snow storm and slop. Watertight when you're done (road grime and dust too). I get a huge roll for around $10 iirc, and it does lots of boats. Comes off in a second with a box cutter down the middle when right side up.
Last I recall, American Traders sold them. I believe that's where our store gets them. Might be faster to order direct.
I like Andre's method too.
You might give WCHA member Sue Audette, who makes canoe covers, a call:

Sue Audette
Water Works Canoe Co, Mansfield Center, CT 06250

I believe the U-Haul sells the kind of shrink wrap Andre mentions.
U-line sells the plastic wrap.

I know this is not much concern for the canoe in question but when using the mentioned plastic saran wrap just be careful not to put it directly over a painted or varnished surface.

Not always does it happen, but the plastic wrap can leave a film/residue on the finished surface that can’t be removed without further damage to the surface. Something should be put between the canoe and the plastic wrap. Having said that plastic wrap works well for shipping canoes.
Never had anything stick yet but it would be good to be cautious, especially if any surfaces are newly painted or varnished, that could be a real problem. Usually moving around old derelicts so no problems there:eek:
Also, make sure the overlaps are in the right direction so they dont catch any wind and it will be watertight against driving rain as well. At -22 the tiny chip in my windshield suddenly grew to a 3 foot long smile; off to the glass man.:mad:


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