Trailer for canoe

ken mueller

Canton, Ohio
I have a very limited space in my garage, and unable to park a trailer outside. I was able to construct a trailer that comes apart very easily, I can disassemble in 2 minutes. Investement of less than $400 total. If anyone is interested I can elaborate and post pictures.
Please do. I'm sure that I'm not the only one interested -- small garage too full of canoes for anything else.
Having limited space, here's what I came up with. The folding trailers that are on the market would not work, not being long enough for my canoe. I purchase a small trailer from Harbor Freight, and made some adjustments. I needed some way to lengthen the trailer but still be able to store it when not in use. I had a local welder (Spike) , isn't that a great name for a welder!, make 2 brackets that I mounted to the trailer. These are made to allow the extended tongue to slide in, and then secured with a hitch pin. The tongue can be made any length, depending on your needs. As for wiring the lights, I added a second connector at the back of the tongue which can be unplugged and pushed back inside to allow sliding the tongue into the brackets. I installed a small piece of hardware on the tongue so when sliding into the brackets it will stop exactly the same place, allowing me to put in the hitch pin. I made the bunks a little longer at the back of the trailer. This lets me put the trailer upright without damaging the lights.


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Yep. Based on a comment in this board on another trailer thread, I did a visual mockup of my canoe on my yet-to-be assembled trailer ands it absolutely needs an additional 4 foot length on the tongue. I took a Hail Mary shot at it and called Northern Tool, the makers of the Ironton Personal Watercraft Trailer and asked them if the could send me one more 4-foot tongue to extend the one on it. He cheerfully said he would send one right out next week. I asked him the cost and he said “No charge. You are a new customer and we’re happy to send you one by UPS free of charge in appreciation for your business”.

You don’t see service like this much these days and I’ll be dumping Harbor Freight for Northern Tool for all future tool purchases.
This is the trailer that I built to haul 1 or 2 canoes upside down on the gunwales. It is a modified boat trailer that I changed out the springs for a lighter set and built a box to hold all my gear in plastic bins that fit inside. It has a longer tongue that allows for up to 18 foot canoes and fully loaded I don't feel it on the road with my Ta