Trailer ideas

I hope it's OK to post links to another forum since there's quite a bit of info on this topic here:

I don't know about the legalities but I've been intrigued with the idea of a wooden-framed trailer to complement the canoe. After all, Morgans have wooden frames. The above link has a neat one in response #111 that uses motorcycle sidecar wheels -- but it's a museum piece.
There was this trailer, apparently wooden-framed, at the recent Assembly; don't know any details about it:

sm 100_9541.jpg sm 100_9540.jpg
Now that's a wicked nice trailah.
I've updated mine to keep pace with my vivid imagination.


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Contact info.

Hi Greg,
I actually got a few shots of this canoe trailer and took a photo of the yellow sheet with the contact info. that was sitting inside of it. Here now is a few photos and the yellow contact sheet photo.



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That wooden trailer from the Assembly is a the detail....beautiful that's a trailer....
Hello Mike,
I agree...quite the canoe trailer! A real Masterpiece...must of came from a Mastermind for sure! So, I made sure I got the contact info. as I thought what if we ever wanted one. It would be quite the conversation piece anywhere you went with it! BTW, I like your quote you posted. It flows....

Well, gotta get off this ....we are going canoeing...image that?!!


P.S. We hope to be up your way within 2 weeks....Passport pending..waiting....sigh.....
That is a nice trailer....would look good with a Morris, a Rushton and a couple of Chestnuts....not to forget a Minetta and any other combination of wood canoes one might have (especially if you had more than you could take altogether LOL LOL)....

Look forward to seeing you guys up this way....sounds like Macky found a nice canoe ('yours' I understand)....look forward to going through Canoe Museum with you both if you have time....BTW, great photos from Assembly....

Quote is from song, Shield, by Dave Hadfield....great'll have to hear the whole song....great tune....
Yeah, would be great for all the different and many canoes we have! I am looking forward to seeing my new canoe! Think Macky is kinda wanting me to paddle solo. He wants me to really experince that "stern" end. I took "Stern Women" lessons at the Assembly for two days. But, never felt I did good with it. I think I am just so use to the bow that learning that stern was just not my cup of tea. But, guess it takes alot of practice. The canoe museum sounds so interesting. I hope we can make that as would love to see it. Thanks...glad you enjoyed the photos. I still have alot more! Will try posting more this week. Will try to hear the song on maybe Utube? We had a great day canoeing at a little lake today. It was a lake nearby in a town called "Safety Harbor" and the name of the lake was "Alligator Lake". We didn't see any alligators. Saw lots of water birds and was a nice paddle. Thunderstorms were rolling in, so we had to pack up and leave...but enjoyed about 2 hours of beautiful weather and nice waters!

Hey Mike,
I went to Dave Hadfields website under the radio3cbs site and listened to the song "Shield". The song and music is beautiful! Enjoyed hearing his music. I actually played every song and listened to one line to each one listed. He definetely has a great sound and a great voice. It sounded like he was in concert right here in the living room! Quite the storyteller with his lyrics. Thank you for sharing! :)