Thompson metal external stem on top of outer wood stem?


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I have questions about the use of metal outer stem over outer wood stems. Specifically, metal stem bands on top of the wooden external stems on original Thompson canoes. Were they a standard feature, an optional feature, or never original orders from Thompson?

Recently I’ve seen a circa 1934 and 1943 that did not have the outer metal stem band on top prior to restoration but one I picked up ten years ago did (I still have the broken pieces on a garage wall removed before that canoe’s restoration). The end of the restoration of my early 30's Thompson approaches and any clarity anyone can offer would be appreciated.

Dave Osborn

I live in “Thompson Country” and have restored many Thompson Canoes and boats. As far as I know all Thompson canoes had both outer stems and stem bands. I don’t recall seeing any that left the factory without them.
I have seen Thompson canoes restored without outer stems, for whatever reason. Likely the restorer didn’t want to bend new ones. They end up with a wide, unfinished looking stem.