This Morning's Find, a Nice Depression Guide


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115482 is an 18 foot 1936 OT AA Guide with paint scheme #4!!!!, as found this morning in central Worcester County and now rescued for secure storage and contemplation, restore or preserve?, that is the dilemma, original in every way with the exception of a canvas patch at the base of one of the stems, red and blue fields are still all there, all the tips are excellent with no rot or damage, couple of minor planking dings, and 2 of the stem band material floor rack hardware things are unfortunately missing, vintage brass would be much appreciated if someone has a piece in their stash that can be spared, I also notice that this Guide appears to be narrower in the beam than the 60s 18 footer I paddled for years, seem to remember reading somewhere that older Guides were narrower??? Cheers, Todd

Pics added for reference of red and blue fields, please inquire if you require further details as to size, number, placement etc.


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