The time is now!

Denis M. Kallery

Passed Away July 3, 2012
In Memoriam
Well folks,
After arriving home from my most current hospital stay last night, Kathy and I talked about this and seems the time has arrived for us to unload. So in that light we are putting my shop [all the tools] and our canoes up for sale.We will make up a list so if you have an interest -contact us. Basically we would like to break even so some of these tools are available at a very good price, I was patient and in some cases waited years till the right tool came along that I could afford.As to the canoes - if we had the funds we acted on the purchase to get some unusual and unique canoes. so our collection is quite nice for a private collection in the hands of folks that are NOT wealthy - our total income is from S.S. though I am loath to admit it I have stepped on the slippery slope so need to
Denis :cool:

So sorry to hear that! Your shop was really starting to take shape. Marquette will not seem the same without your collection of fine old canoes. That had to be a really tough decision.

Referring to your signature quote from Aldo Leopold; Your posts and Kathy's contribute to my awareness and education. I hope you can come to Paul Smiths' this next summer. I'd love to meet and talk with you. I only spent a day this last summer at the Assembly and worked on paddle-making skills instead of meeting people.

Here's hoping that stories of your stewardship of tools and canoes stay with these items. That's quite a heritage.

Take good care of yourselves.

-- Jon

Our hearts go out to you.

I would like a list of tools as you may have a few that I would be interested in and of course the chance to see you too in the near future is hard to pass up if we do come up for some of the tools.

Thanks for all the wonderful statements of support, everyone. I'll be putting canoes in the classifieds and anyone is free to email us for more information. "Stewardship" is the concept I have in mind in regard to our canoes: they are "ours" for a bit of time, and then others can enjoy them.
I've posted ads in the classifieds for the canoes we have up for sale-- folks should feel free to email me with questions-- also, note that the canoes can get a free trip to the Chicago area if that helps them get closer to you (thanks, Paul). There'll be canoes heading to Florida as well... so, step right up... they're going like hotcakes, flying off the walls, parading down the block and over the hill...
Only three canoes remain of the ones we posted for sale in the classifieds on this website. I've located and added pictures of the Indian Girl and the 16' UFO and will take some of the Veazie this weekend-- have adjusted the prices, hoping someone will take advantage of assistance offered by Paul Miller (Chicago area) and possibly by Macky Mongold (Florida) as well-- thanks so much, dear friends!

We'll also be listing some dandy canoe accessories-- rare Morris items, and other interesting things, that will be offered at the price we paid.

The Holiday Season is upon us, and what could be more exciting than to enter your living room and find (to your complete surprise) a beribboned Rushton Indian Girl or a pair of Morris backrests-- and the card from Santa, saying he hopes it's what you've always wanted.