The paper bag trick.

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I recently saw a trick with a paper bag on varnish and paint finish. It doesn't take much effort either. Rub the paper bag on the finish and it will buff it out as smooth as glass. Works great.
You got to clarify that Dave. Old Finish? Green Finish? Wet Finish?
Now I've got a head ache. Probably easier to try it except the snow is in the way.
And define the bag also,
a standard brown grocery bag,
or a more glossy white "shopping bag",

And what does it do to the gloss, I'd guess it'd be left very dull but?????

Brown paper bag

A brown paper bag.
I used it on newly varnished rails and interior. After the varnish has dried. I can never get a perfectly dust free smooth finish. the bag smooths it out and doesn't not affect the high gloss. Doesn't take much rubbing at all. I'm told it works on paiint too.
Epifanes was too tough

I tried a brown paper bag on ash seat frames varnished with Epifanes Woodfinish Gloss that had cured for two months. The varnish had minor dust specks and runs. Even after rubbing it hard, I couldn't see any effect at all from the brown bag.

Maybe it works better on newer varnish?