Paper Canoe Workshop?


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For several years Rob Stevens, Assembly Organizer Extraordinaire, and I have talked about the building of paper canoes, and now Rob is considering adding this topic to our Assembly program in 2020. We need hep from others more knowledgeable in this subject than we are! We have literature searched and have located a number of articles. Rob has contacted Ken Cupery who hopefully will agree to present something of the history of paper canoes. I have a copy of Wooden Canoe No.11, summer 1982 where there is an article about Walter Fullam building paper canoes. I have heard that this was done as part of the childrens program. Is there anyone out there who participated with Walt in the building of a paper canoe and can fill us in on the process? And even better, does someone HAVE one of Walts canoes and could bring it to Assembly? If there is sufficient interest to get this topic added to the program, it is possible we will have two paper canoes on display on the Green at Paul Smiths.
If you have knowledge of paper canoes you can help make it happen. Please email me or Rob with whatever you know. Thanks. Tom McCloud
I have no knowledge what so ever of paper canoes, however I'd be really interested to learn. For those unable to attend the Assembly (3339 miles) would it be possible to present the topic in some other way - perhaps as photos and text in 'Wooden Canoe' or here on the forum?
Walt was all in concerning paper canoes. When I first heard the word"paper canoe" I thought Walt was pull our legs but he was very serious and the joke was on me. The use and design of paper canoes is quite old. Walt just loved to talk about and demonstrate paper canoes. Several were built at different Assemblies but I have no idea where they ended up. They were not very durable boats but it was surprising what he could with paper and glue and tougher that what you would think they would be!