Temp repair to bare spot on canvas


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I just bought a wood canvas canoe and a spot on the canvas is missing paint, about 6"x20". The paint peels off the canvas in this area if pulled. The canvas also leaks at this spot. I would like to use the canoe this season and restore it over the winter.

Is there a way seal this spot for a temporary fix til I replace the canvas later.

Painting over peeling paint is an exercise in frustration and futility -- the peeling will continue and take the new paint with it. Pull or sand all the peeling paint off. I would then use a glazing/spot putty (one pound tube - $10 - at Amazon
http://www.amazon.com/Glazing-Spot-P...7980346&sr=8-5 -- I understand that Petit makes something similar), especially if there is missing or cracked filler. Then sand smooth and put a priming coat of new paint over the repaired area, and then a coat or two of the new paint over the entire hull, and you should be set to go. And if this is to be for only a year, have some fun and try a bold or silly or outrageous color and/or pattern -- it's only for one season, and you can do something staid and/or sophisticated when you replace the canvas.

Removing the old paint may be messy, but it doesn't take that much time; painting the whole hull goes very quickly, is not hard, and will make a world of difference in how the canoe looks, even for one season.
Thanks Greg,
After a closer look, I found an area where the canvas was ripped and the planking looked soaked black, I opened it up some more and was glad I did, there was alot of soaked plank in the area. I'm going to take the canvas off asap and start the repairs now, hopefully the canoe will be ready for a fall Maine trip.