Tacks vs. staples


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I'm beginning to make out my shopping list for recanvassing. I know monel staples are not traditional, but they start looking attractive when I think of all nails I've bent over the years. Using tacks looks to be a three handed job and I'm not sure I'll have any help. I saw staples mentioned in some other threads, but not a real comparison. I was curious as to what peoples thoughts on pros and cons were. I also wondered if staple users had any neat tricks. What is the holding power of staples as opposed to tacks, especially along the stems? Do you put more than one staple into each rib? Thanks in advance for any replies. These forums have become the third "bible" for me as I work, and I wish I'd had something like this on other skills I've taught myself by the book.
I use 9/16" stainless steel staples along the sheer (2 staples at each rib), and copper tacks on the stems.
I do the same as Dan, SS staples on ribs, tacks on stems.

I do start with a few staples on the stems just to hold the canvas until I can get tacks in. With all staples, you run out of room on the stem.

SS Staples

I just finished a 15' WC boat and a 16'OTCA....At the suggestion of Bill Clement where I get my supplies, we were having a discussion about these pros and cons... I was convinced that this was the NEW way to go and I did the 9/16 on the ribs (2 to a rib) and the 3/8 on the stems...Ribs were easy but if your real careful as you go on the stems, the staples can and will fall in line and are so much easier on the eyes (and hands) as you go along...I for one am satisfied and as that old saying goes..."progress, not perfection"
Just throwing in my 2 cents worth.:)
I've only done one canvassing job, so what do I know ? Anyway, a single 9/16 staple per rib worked fine for me (mahogany inwale). I found a tinsmith's visegrip very handy for stretching the canvas.