Sylvania Wilderness Area

Jim Okkema

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Last weekend I took a three day trip with my brother and our two sons to the Sylvania Wilderness in Michigan's U.P.
We'd never been there before and we had a blast. What a great place to introduce the boys to wilderness canoeing.
I hope I can get the pictures to work.


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I have to say that while there we found sure evidence of the Hodag- the mythical creature of the north woods.
Anybody have any better ideas? :confused:
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Hey Jim!!
Isn't Sylvaina great?? Gotta get back there one of these days.

I think you have the Hodag thing right. Hopefully you collected the evidence...... I've never actually seen one, but I have smelled where they had been on two occasions. I think I heard one one night, too. Did you hear any?
Dave O.

Sorry to say we left the skull there. I wanted to take it to the Field Museum in Chicago or to those guys at Area 51 in New Mexico but of course that is illegal in a federal wilderness area. (Never mind about those shed caribou antlers in my laundry room.)
By the way what does a hodag smell like? I smelled some nasty critter, but I assumed it was my brother.
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It reminds me of "toejamic acid". Sorta like a high school hockey team locker room.
Which sorta makes sense if you've ever seen the feet on the replica of the Hodag in Rhinelander.

Was your brother in Sylvaina in July of '98?