Surplus Cedar (and other life updates)


Name says it all, people.
So... I literally just got done resawing (still got the sawdust in my hair) some white cedar. I wanted to report first off that the Freud thin kerf blade you recommended for my table saw worked amazingly. I went through about 20 boards in a little less than an hour, and it didn't even feel much like work. Thank you for the super helpful information. Second, I was sawing ribs out of 4 inch wide rough sawn stock - I've already got most of the planking sawn from a different batch, and this stuff seemed a little knotty for planking anyway: had to "pick the best side" a lot and saw the best 2 3/8" out of it. So now I've got, well, about twenty 1 1/5" X 1" X 8' white cedar sticks (?), and no idea what the crap to do with them. Cut 'em down proportionally and make a scale model? (I can hear Chris Pearson cheering from here) Burn them? (It's a JOKE people. Put down the gun) Make some kind of furniture? I really don't know what else. Shoot me some ideas. The winning bid gets, um, a jelly sandwich?

And for the record, that red cedar I was having such a tough time bending? Got a big propane burner from a deep fryer, boiled them, and they bent pretty darn well after about 30 minutes in 200 degree water (after a night of presoaking. Yes, I know this is long comparatively, but they just weren't ready until then.)

Again, I can't thank you all enough for your humor of yet another stupid novice, and for providing information I would only have been able to acquire after years of frustrating and failure-ridden experience. You are an invaluable resource to young builders like me.
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Left over stock - Paddles, 1/2 ribs, a close rib canoe, narrow planking......
and the left over short knotty pieces, chairs.

Pics, post some pics. :)

1) tomato stakes.
2) Splice them lengthwise and make planking for stripper canoes.
3) 8 foot poles for touching items that are not bad enough to need a 10 foot pole.
If they are a little more than 1 1/4 by 1 1/4 and can be milled to 5 /16 by 1 1/4 with the tongue, quarter sawn, you can make t@g strips for a cedar rib canoe. I think one can be built. The only reason mine took so long is I couldn't devote the time to it. And my insane thinking tells me lets do it again!


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I built a stripper canoe out of 6' strips once, in defiance of the obsession that some builders have about full length planking. I bought fencing cedar, it worked out fine.
You can always make a strip Wanigan to keep in the canoe and store gear in it... or keep it in the living room or den as a coffee table ....thats what mine is when it not in the canoe. Will take a pic of it and post it for a suggestion...
Kindling for a fire to toast some marshmallows...ok, OK!, quit throwing stuff...I'll leave.