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I'm looking for any information on canoes built by Horace Strong in Craftsbury Common, VT. Thanks Pete
Nice man

Was honored to meet Horace and Shirley a couple years ago. He said he has built about a hundred canoes, if my memory serves. The grand Laker is his and was extreme high quality.


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Horace Strong

Horace built canoes in courses at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vermont for several years, and then claimed to have built over 100 canoes, so I expect its really a larger number (that was 10 years ago - when I worked at LCMM - and although he always claimed he was done with building them, I kept hearing of others for some time). I haven't heard from Horace or Shirley for several years now, but trust they are still going strong (so to say). They have a serious commitment to Habitat for Humanity and have spent a lot of time traveling around the country building houses for other people. Horace also happens to be a very funny person, especially if you appreciate cornball humor. (Shirley is a saint!) Last but certainly not least, he builds a beautiful canoe. I hope they are both well and happy.
Don in Vermont