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hi all, just got my first guide[ horace strong class built] .i know they were made to carry large loads. im wondering how they handle with just one paddler since it will sit higher?? can some of you guide guys fill me in on how they handle?? thanks. mike
Handling characteristics of any canoe are a function of hull shape and length. Guide models, designed for tripping, typically have fairly flat bottoms to reduce draft when loaded enabling them to negotiate shallow water more so than their shorter, rounder cousins. The longer the waterline, the more effort it will take to turn. If your boat has a flat bottom, minimal rocker (ends carry straight instead of lifting up), and a keel it will track extremely well but turn like an old Buick. Length - a 16' boat will turn with less effort than a 18' or 20'. Some Guides built for heavy loads are deeper (13"-14" vs 12"). Unloaded these deep models will present more freeboard and are more easily blown about by wind. Paddling a big guide solo is not a problem. I either paddle the boat backwards from the bow seat to get my weight more centered or use my 100 lb Labrador as ballast. When fighting a crosswind you may find it necessary to kneel in the center of the boat to keep it tracking in the desired direction.