Stowe "Mansfield" needs a good home

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Our 17-foot Stowe "Mansfield" is more than I want to continue handling by myself, and I'd like it to go to a good home. I bought it second-hand in 1985, in upstate NY, and it was a great canoe for the family. The children are now grown and gone, and I'm looking for something smaller for just personal use. The canoe is at my home on Cape Cod. Anyone interested?
Might be interested!...How much yah asking and what kinda condition is it in...I have the smaller version that is a perfect one man canoe...Mine reminds me of the OT "Trapper"
Stowe Owner response

The canoe is basically in good shape. The fiberglass has some fading
and small cracks (I think this is fairly normal for old fiberglass).
The canoe is dark green. The wood portions are in good shape. I
repaired a few small areas which had some decay several years ago. As
for price, we bought it used for just $400 back in 1985, and we have
long since gotten our money's worth out of it. Whatever you felt you
wished to offer when you saw it (if that's possible) would be fine with
us. I'd most want it to go to someone who will appreciate it. It's a
good size for two to handle, but these days it's pretty much just me on
board, and I'd like to get something smaller.
PM sent. Very interested if the price is right and live local ( just off cape). Please PM me your phone and asking price.
I have a 14' stripper (not for sale) but want something to fish from with friends. This sounds like the best of both worlds.