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Does anyone know of a place where they might have copies of the original Stowe Canoe Company decals, not the Mansfield made by Stowe...Mine has the white decal with the name Stowe in large and then the smaller letters have name and location below it Have located another one and am gonna help my associate rebuild it...needs some of those real thin mahogany strips replaced, etc...but its a doable thing!...Thanks
The short answer is no, I don't know of any easy way to get a copy of an original Stowe Canoe Company decal. However, the information at has a number of leads that might help you locate one. Dan Miller mentioned the Coast Guard site which has two listings for Stowe Canoe under SCS and SWE with lots of addresses, names and phone numbers. There may also be a connection with the Merrimack Canoe Company or Tubbs Snowshoes so you could contact both of them at and to see if anyone there can help. You may also be able to reproduce your decal with the help of a local computer graphics expert, a good digital camera, and color laser printer. Good luck and please reply here if you find a solution. Thanks,