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get out and put in
Some time back I saw a write up on the pros and cons of diferent storage methods but can't seem to find it using the search. Maybe it was in Wooden Canoe? Anyway, I am wondering the cons of hanging a canoe rightside up using supports under the inner gunnels. Is this a bad idea?
Hi Fritz,

What I do is to tie a rope to the hand thwarts and throw the rope over a rafter and haul it up. Lacking hand thwarts I tie around the inwales a loop of rope and then tie my haul line to that. Only down side I've seen is that it collects dust.
Thanks Dave and Benson. Benson, I think one of these may be what I recalled. Dave, 8 years by the thwarts is a good long time to not have a problem. I have a pully system and a cheap hoist I bought off E-Bay, I can anchor a raised canoe and move the hoist hook and cable from one canoe to another. I have been hanging them upside down as I thought that was better suppport and because of the dust as you guys pointed out. However, I find them much more difficult to handle then the right side up method. Of couse if I have the canoe on the second floor of the house it would be much more difficult especially because I would probably be hanging from the hoist in the garage. ;)
I found putting them in storage to be fairly easy (a little additional help would have been nice though). In my case, it's getting them out again for day trips that's the real bear.:D (Would have been a lot easier if I'd made the damned window a bit wider, too.)


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Getting the bear out

:eek: What you need is one of those arms that stick out the top with a pulley like what farmers use to raise and lower hay bales.