Stern Stem on Kennebec


Hi All-
I've been doing some work on my 1929 17' Kennebec. Seems the more you look the more you find. I think it is the stern stem that is the piece that curls along the stern and is notched for the ribs. It has pulled away from the planking, and at one point must have had a leak, so the wood isn't in great shape underneath. I know that the best thing to do would be to take the fiberglass off, and rebuild it and canvas it. The fiberglass is in good shape, I don't know if my skills are good enough to rebuild the planking/ribs/stem and I want to be fishing by May.
Any ideas on what I can use to help tie it back into place? I'm planning on sanding down the fiberglass and doing some skim coats with marine epoxy on the outside to smooth the hull. Could I use that?
Thanks for any help! This site is awesome.