Stem Repair

Rollin Thurlow

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A good solid repair is to blob as much blobing material that you can into any opening and hope for the best. Attached is an interesting repair to the top of a stem. I don't think I'll be able to reproduce the blob. I may have to just go with some kind of wood repair!


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Steve McQueen, 1960ish, The Blob. It kept getting bigger.
But, what is this? Looks like you drudged it up from the ocean bottom and the coral colony is dieing.

Could be a lovely burl. But my guess is somekind of canned cancer. Like that stuff you spray and it expands and is some kind of expanded polyurethane expanded foam something. It's an interesting thing.
You're telling us that a gentilman of your talents cannot reproduce that artistic work of "blob"? No need to be modest here my man, we know the truth of what you can do. And no need to resort to wood..."BLOB" is where it's at.