St. Louis?


New Member's another one. I have a 17 foot canoe that I believe is a St. Louis Meramec (it definitely has the St. Louis arrowhead decks). Do you have any serial number info for this company? The serial number is 2451. Trying to decide whether to tackle this one or the Old Town HW first... Thanks so much for any info you might have.
You may already have checked out the Dragonfly site, but if not, here's the link... there's some interesting information there.

The only thing I know about serial numbers is that Old Town, Carleton, and Kennebec are the only companies where records exist that may link the number to a build record... but in some cases-- as with Penn Yan-- the serial number says something about the model and year... and in some cases-- as with Morris-- there's a theory re the serial number and the canoe's birthday.

Someone who has an answer will jump in here soon... when the weather is good, there are fewer people hanging out at the computer!
St. Louis Meramec stem # 2451

Gerald- Sorry for taking so long to get this information to you. We (there are four of us that are researching the St. Louis Meramec and the St. Louis Boat and Canoe Companies) found the stem number on the production boards that we found in the old canoe factory but when the forum went down I misplaced the information.

Stem #2451 was recorded on the production boards in September 1946. The boards also record that the canoe was built with outside stems and half ribs.

We also know that the company was building four different models of canoes in the forties. We are in the process of identifing the characteristics of each one. We ould like you help in this endevor. Would you please take measurements of you canoe along with some pictures and forward them to us. We would like a picture that shows the recurve of the bow and stern, along with the seat construction, including the seat spacers and the stem band. We would also like to start building a record of the wood that was used. We have found white oak, yellow southern pine, ash and spruce in the construction of the forties canoes but not mohagony. We know that mohagony was used in the twenties and thirties but just have not seen it in any canoes built during the forties. If we are able to establish some trends with the construction we might be able to let you know what type model you have.

Thanks for your help.