16 foot St. Louis Meramec Canoe Company

Without a photo, I can't tell if your canoe is a St. Louis Meramec (1922-1929) canoe or St. Louis Boat and Canoe Co. (1930-1977) canoe.
We feel they used duplicate numbers for both companies. (More information in the April '08 issue of Wooden Canoe)
Is there a decal remaining on the deck? Can we get a photo of the side view of the bow? We are attaching a copy of the shipping record for canoe with stem number 1907 dated April 18, 1944 (which would make it a St. Louis Boat and Canoe) It was shipped to Anchor Boat and Livery in Akron, Oh.
Wally Hauck (St. Louis)
Time flies Tim

You mean I'm getting older but the canoe isn't really gaining weight?
Sorry--here's the shipping record...............

Shipping record for canoe #1907 Canoe#1907.jpg
16' St. lo

The Ohio Dept of Watercraft was able to look up in their records & told me that it was a 1944 St. Louis canoe. I had not heard of the St. Louis canoe co. The canoe does have the arrow head deck, but the decal is gone just the glue is left. Does anyone know where or how to get a new decal? The canoe has had a rough life... It currently has about 8 broken ribs & outer gunnels are rotten or broken... Someone fiberglassed over the hull after replacing some the center ribs & then managed to break the ribs & planking again.
I just purchase a Meramec with serial 1609 15 an am wondering th esame thing-- I see no listing od 15 foot Meramecs..
Pretty good- it has a few patches on some of the ribs but seems solid other than that.-- I thick someone glassed over the canvas by the looks of it.
St. Louis Boat and Canoe Company had six forms: a 15", a 16", 17" and an 18", then a 12" rowboat and a 14" rowboat (square stern). These were listed on their incorporation documents. Without a St. Louis Meramec decal on the canoe or photographs we can't determine whether is was a St. Louis Meramec or St. Louis Boat and Cnaoe Co. boat. We need to see photos----- Relatively higher tips would be one indication of an early St. Louis Meramec Canoe Company. Number 1609-15 would be around 1942 for a St. Louis Boat and Canoe build. Profile photos would help date the canoe.
in my case they removed the canvas & then glassed over the planking, but fortunately the cloth didn't stick so I pulled it off like vinyl wallpaper. I just have some resin on the planking that I'm hoping that I can sand off or smooth down & then install canvas over it. my fingers are still itching from removing the fiberglass cloth. It will be all worth it in the end.