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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have had a St. Louis Arrowhead, according to Scott at Skywoods, that is in need of restoration. I want to know how I can find the general value of it in it's present condition as I am ready to find a good home for it. I have included a couple of pics, but have no clue as to what this may be worth. Can you help?

The seriel number looks like 1174, or 1764, or something similiar. Any history is appreciated.


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Before it leaves your home...

There's a current database project regarding the St. Louis canoes. I'll alert the Strassers, who are keeping track of known St. Louis canoes, to your post. There is specific information you may be able to offer that can help with the research involving this builder.

You may want to check the dragonfly site for information on your canoe. Scroll down the left to "St. Louis Meramec":

There was a long and excellent article on St. Louis canoes in a recent issue of the journal Wooden Canoe. I believe it was the April issue.

As to your canoe's value... there are answers here:

If you have more questions... please ask. Meanwhile, I'll tell the St. Louis Chapter that there's an arrowhead on the board!

thank you for your help. I would be happy to supply any information folks may need. I will visit the sites you suggest.
Great to see another Arrowhead! We are compiling a database on Arrowhead canoes based on old records we found in the factory, and may be able to give you an idea of how old your canoe is. Could you possibly scrape or sand the number so it is a little more legible? And how long is the canoe? We'll be in touch.
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It sure looks like the seriel number is 1184, located on both ends of the canoe. The length is 16 ft. and 3 ft at it's widest. If you need anymore, let me know.
Arrowhead #1184

Your canoe was made by St. Louis Boat and Canoe Company, of Valley Park, Missouri---Alfred Wickett's company. If your stem number is 1184, our estimate is that it is was built in the first part of 1939. We'll add your canoe to our database. Thanks, Wally Hauck

wasn't a real good picture of the deck but i couldn't see where the inwales were scarfed into the deck
also do any not-a-crack models still exist id love to see one
I have an Arrowhead

I have an Arrowhead hanging in my garage. My father bought it used when he was in high school (mid 1940s). I would be happy to take photos or get any info on it to anyone who is researching these.

I remember taking a float trip on the gasconade in the early '70s. Don't know the last time it was in the water.

I would like to know if anyone has a resource for getting the seats recaned.

Arrowhead Canoe

Hi Leslie,
Yes, we have been researching the company for several years. We have compiled a data base of stem numbers using old build records we found in the old factory. We would love to have the stem number from your canoe, and some pictures. Does it have a decal or a tag on the front deck? With your stem number we can probably estimate when it was built. Has it ever been fiber-glassed?

We are located in St. Louis. If you ever want to see some of our Meramec/Arrowhead canoes, we would be glad to show you. We wrote an article that was published in 'Wooden Canoe' (of the WCHA) in the April 2008 issue, and would be glad to send a copy if you send your address.

Looking forward to hearing from you---we always like adding to the data base!
Please feel free to call.
Wally Hauck 314-421-9966
Where do I look for the stem numbers? I really don't know the names of the parts. It has a decal on the front. It has never been fiberglassed but it has been repainted. It has been stored out of the weather as long as I can remember. The cane seats need repair but other than that its good.

The stems are the pices of wood that curve under the decks from the floor of the canoe to the tip on the inside of the canoe. They should be in a
### ## or #### ## format where the last two are the length of the canoe.