Spring Sailors

john hupfield

fire starter/wood burner
Any of you winterizers managed to get back in the Water Yet?
Our Ponds are still ice covered even though the snow is near all gone.
I need some cheer.

Lost in the Woods
not quite yet

We didnt get the flurries they called for this morning but its still going to 0 celsius at nite, so they'll stay in the rack until the water warms up!;)


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Geez, Andre...I feel bad about griping! Okay, I don't, but....

I'm heading back to Florida so I can sail year-round, oh, and to be back with my woman, who likes to sail year-round, too!
Don't feel bad, Andre, it's going to get frosty way down here tonight too. That's ok though, I still haven't had time to make repairs to the 16-30s from last end-of-season... (Did I mention that I like having the sheets run outboard rather than into the cockpit?)

Plus, I installed (with a little help) a really, really cool sailing canoe into the new ABM exhibit for this year on Thursday. Pictures soon...
Dan, I definitely have to rig it to trail outboard on the windward side ( did i get that right?) and I HAVE to raise the seat bridge and extend the crosshead post - I stretched myself so bad last year I couldnt walk after a lot of light wind messing about with my knees up under my chin - no doubt you've had similar strains with your height. I'm getting going on the round bilge this year, and I think I've settled on Mohicans for simplicity and tradition. I want to launch next spring. What is the exhibit this year? Did you put Banshee front and centre?:rolleyes:
Ed, we were in Myrtle Beach week before last, and stopped one night in Charlotte. Beautiful State! Lost my CSM hat when i dumped last year, have to order a new one!
The sheets will trail to either side (even better to make a continuous sheet, but I don't know how yet). I've no problem with the height of my seat or crosshead, but maybe that's why I need to fix the coaming... no, I remember now, I need to fix the coaming after sailing in a rather stiff breeze coming down off the lake.

New exhibit is "Made in Clayton" - Banshee was built Downeast (or at least New England before he moved...gotta go look it up).
Yup, i trail them outboard on both sides, but I'd like the active one to be easier to use, the cockpit looks like its full of snakes when they're all in there. Need to see some clamp on boards before I build one, any photos handy? I've got line drawings in catalogs and Stephens and Vaux, but I'm curious about the hardware. Large bronze wing nuts and recessed square head bolts is my guess.... You taking orders for clutch cleats yet?;)
Michael - no, older than that. It was built by St. Lawrence River Skiff, Canoe and Steam Launch Co. (boy am I glad I don't have to answer their phone!). I have never heard of a Wilbur and Wheelock decked canoe, though both of them did work for StLRSCSLCo before starting their own shop. W&W did build open canoes (and we are exhibiting one of those too).

Andre - our Nomad has a clamp-on seat. Clutch cleats are one of many on the roundtoit list!
Yeah, Andre, NC has its points. Eastern NC has great sailing water--sometimes--but always has a, uh...social and cultural climate...not to our liking. Oh, and the weather is less friendly than I hoped for.

Get ye a new hat! The old design is still available. I'm considering a new design in hopes it'll sell more. I'll attach it here.


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Ed, very nice - embroidered would be worth the extra $ - I'm just thinking about whoever eventually gets mine after they find it floating!:mad:
What about a "sailing canoe" instead of a canoe with a sail? Perhaps something older but more performance oriented;)
Thanks for the suggestions, Andre. I can offer more variety by paying for the privilege with my vendor, which I've been considering anyway. That would allow me to offer as many versions of the same thing, like hats, then I could actually create custom designs for each customer--like an image of your boat, for example. Time has probably come for that. I'll keep it in mind! Thanks!

Ed, I'd order 2 of any of these!;)


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Those would work well on shirts--t's, sweat, longsleeve, not sure about hats. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and upgrade my account so I can offer these, Andre.