Killbear Paddlers Rendezvous

john hupfield

fire starter/wood burner
Almost belated.
September 6 through 9,at Killbear Provincial Park.Two hours North of Toronto,on the shores of Georgian Bay.
This is the 10th or 11th annual gathering inclusive of Canoe Sailors interested in meeting,competing,and the general mayham that canoe sailors are prone to.Warm water and Kid friendly.Camping only and Park Fees apply.
Bring what you need in supplies and enjoy some of the finest beaches and water anywhere.
Open and Decked Canoes,Racers and Cruisers are all featured.
John (Lost in the Woods Boatworks canoe sailing guy)

For the admission price of "free" come and see this attempted, over and over...


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Old rendezvous pictures

Are these from 2005 or 2006? I hear it gets cold early in the North.


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The one on the left is you.The one on the right is me looking for my boat in a snowdrift.And the one in the middle is of course you and your sailing buddies hiding my boat in a snow drift.
No it almost never snows in September.Otherwise our shorts would freeze and we would be ice boaters.
John(sweating in the North)
lost in the woods prototype

Sailing canoe conversion for sailing after labour day in northern ontario
Dont try to deny it, its lapstrake and everything....:eek:


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So, lets say hypothetically speaking, that one has gotten tentative permission from SWMBO to come... What sort of eats do we hypothetically get (campfire food, local bistro, ???). What are the hypothetical park costs for entry and camping (are allowed to sleep in a hypothetical canvas tent?). I hear the beer in Canada is almost as good as we get in the states, so that should be no problem...

Andre, are you bringing the submarine?

Anything else this tenderfoot needs to know? Yes Andre, I promise to pack the woolen union suit...

manifest destiny revisited

Dan, if you are coming I will personally see to your culinary requirements. Very little ash in the food, and although burned on the outside its usually still frozen on the inside so it balances out. Oh and I'll buy a flat of Old Milwaukee tallboys so you feel at home.
The submarine is no more, much testing with the garden hose confirms water tightness. That and I bedded the hatches, there was grass under them when i lifted them so likely that was the source huh.
Check with customs, we've been trying to stave off the invasive canvas budworm and military tents may arouse suspicion.
Seriously though dont worry about beer and food if you're coming for Friday and Saturday (I'm going Friday morning and leaving late Saturday, daughters b-day is Sunday). Would be great if you made it.:cool:
Dan,Come if you can.If the states don't let you back it would be our gain.
Never let a man starve yet.Bring your favorite drinks and Cigars if you like them.Can bunk you with someone or you can get your own site around $27.00 a night.You do need a sleeping bag.Maybe a fork as Andre eats with his fingers,

Hurt at first by Dan's comments, they have now become inspirational;)
behold my latest project, begun too late to be unveiled at Killbear.
Look closely for the Rushton lineage.


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Stitch and Glue no doubt.
Really looking forrard to your balencing act on your 16/30 at Rendezvous.
Really hopeful Dan get drive that far.Stay out of trouble.