Annual Paddlers Rendezvous at Killbear

john hupfield

fire starter/wood burner
This years Paddlers Rendezvous at Killbear Provincial Park takes place September 10 through 14 at Granite Saddle Campground. This campground faces west into Georgian Bay with access to several great beaches and is given over for our exclusive use.
Attendees include Skip Izon, Hugh Horten, John Hupfield, Andre Cloutier, and others un-named as yet
Co-sponsered by Parry Sound Canoe Club,Lost in the Woods Boatworks, and Killbear Provincial Park the Rendezvous features Paddlers, Builders,Racers and Sailors in a bug-free, flat (and warm) water event.
The Park will not take reservations for Granite Saddle for Rendezvous but has no lack of campsites available.
Some of the most beautiful canoe sailing imaginable.
Always a great time. I've got a Peterborough we can use for firestarter, plus the inside is painted so we'll have coloured flames.;)