Solar Industries Canoe??


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Sorry about the non wood canoe thread, but a friend asked about a canoe he is considering getting. It is a "solar industries" canoe fiberglass. Anyone ever heard of it or know where to find any info? Thanks

If this canoe was built after November 1, 1972 and has SOL at the beginning of their hull identification number (HIN) then more information is available at in the U.S. Coast Guard site.

The current user of the SOL code is Solar Star International and may have more information. A prior owner of this code was Florida Dory and has more information. It appears that a "SANTA MRN BLD SW BTS" used this code before 1989 but it is not clear who they were.

The page at has some good information about how to interpret the HINs and the page at is good for researching manufacturers. Another resource for the larger modern companies is the Paddlesports Industry Association at but they have no listing for Solar.

Feel free to reply here if this doesn't answer your question,