Need info on a canoe.

Daniel Day

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I am looking at buying a canoe. It is about 15' by 32". Typical cedar plank/rib construction with half ribs in the center section. It has fiberglass skin (looks original) and oversized (tall) keel. The only ID is the name RHEAUME, with "Made in Canada" below it on the foredeck.
I know you can't know every backyard canoe builder, but maybe someone in the WCHA has heard of this one.
Wow, Thanks Mike. The name "Rheaume" looks factory but the "Made in Canada" looks like someone did it freehand with a wood burner. The owner said it has not seen water in 10 years and wants $500 for it. From my point it is a very useable canoe and the interior is in great shape. The outside has some bathtub caulk on it but an easy fix. Maybe I will try my sailing rig on it.
Thank you again.
There is another reference to a canoe build by someone with the same name. This one is a canadian company<>prd_id=845524442630039

I don't speak enough French to even get my face slapped, but here is another listing...

The internet translation is "Cabinetmaking Alain Rhéaume inc. principally makes dinghys in cedar. They are be in white or red cedar, be clear and cover to the exterior one of a resin epoxy or be canvas peinturé. The company offers equally in subcontracting, various composing drinks some for boat as well as talbes to coffee, shelves, trunks and small dinghys 5. The company offers several models such the Princess and the Trader, the Algonquin, the Mohawk, the Sliver, the Atkinson traveler,le new Skylark with a square back at last the Huron one and this to different magnitudes of 12' to 17'6". All our dinghys have points and meters in ash or mahogany in cherry or some to drown with or without candlepin with or without doubles floor and all the nails and screw on them are in brass as well as the protect
before and rear. The benches are covered with braided babiche to the hand, the dinghy Rhéaume especially is recognized for his high quality of range, his aesthetic beauty and his solidity. "

It may well be the same person, but I don't know. The models listed sound a lot like the American Trader models.

Good luck
Mike is correct about Alain Rheaume. Before his canoes had the American Traders name on them they had his name on the deck. I worked for American Traders for 9 years and have seen his canoes evolve. The canoe must be at least 15 or more years old to have his name on it.
Some of his earlier canoes were heavy and needed aesthetic refinement. The more recent canoes with the American Traders name on them had been refined to nice looking and good quality canoes . Alain was always thinking of how to improve the quality and has a young and talented work force.

Brad C
When I see pictures like this, I wonder why someone didn't take the time to wipe off the dust... instead of mentioning that "it's a little dusty"!