Signs of Spring?

It's 18 degrees out today, with single digit lows promised for most of this week.

Spring is still aways off here.

Mental Attitude

The seasonal ice cream shop opened up today... although there are several feet of snow on the ground and the wind was rather biting... we WILL have spring! We WILL schlurp ice cream and we WILL launch the canoe! Well... we may have to wait until someone plows-out the access to the water...
We were hoping to get an early start on tapping the maples two weeks back, to make up for last year's abyssmal volume, but the above freezing spell didn't last. Still watching day by day for those above freezing daytimes and below freezing nights. By the the time March is done, we can start thinking about getting back into the shop, or out in a canoe.
I saw 2 Harleys on the street in Kamloops last week Does that count as a sign of spring They are a more dependable sign than seeing a Robin.Last couple years the robins havent even left these regions.
It will be a while yet here as we still have 5 feet or so of snow.

There was a large flock of Robins in the back yard this evening. We are expecting a storm tomorrow. Robins ususally come for the final storm of the season, so I am hopeful this early appearance is a sign of early spring.

well, the snow storm did not reach me. It stayed south. Today I saw GEESE!!! Can the red winged black birds be far behind? I gotta get some canoes finished.
More signs

I saw the first robins today, and the skunks are out stinking up the place.

I'm also trying to push the pace in an attempt to relaunch a canoe or two. :)
Life-long amateur ornithologist

I can chime in on this thread. I can report that, in the last few days, there have been Robins, Eastern Bluebirds, Great Blue Herons, and Turkey Vultures seen in the Pepperell, MA area. As we turn the clocks forward this weekend, there will be more opportunities to get in those post-workday walks, and eventually paddles. Spring is not far away!
And more

I saw a woodchuck road kill already. And the politicians have taken their hands out of their own pockets and are trying to get them inot mine.

How is it my house fell in value and the property taxes shot up? another sign of spring.
I saw squirrels doing the horizontal cha-cha. I tink that is a sure sign dat spring is around the corner, eh.
Hey, and if you see a woodchuck d'er eh ( dead or alive) can you send me his tail??
Need it for collecting birch bark this spring.
I don't know the connection between the chuck tail and bark collection......I aim to find out, though!

PS: Canoecopia bound in an hour!
Dave O.

So I went back to the area where the woodchuck was sleeping in the road and there he was, next to a skunk (another sign of spriing). So, knowing he no longer needed his tail I acquired it for your use. What does one collect with a skunk tail?
Dave, send me your address by private message. Or here even, maybe you'll get alot of woodchuck tail feathers.
"FH" I have a friend on Ambijesus who has a cabin and she said I can use it anytime I want so maybe I will be visiting you this summer...where are you located down there...I was gonna do the Rangleys fishing and gold panning this summer until she made the offer...she is a friend of a guy named Butch down there who builds birchbark canoes...gonna look him up also when I find where he is located.
Signs of spring

I spotted a red-winged blackbird this morning, en route to the Du Page River, where 5 of us launched our canoes. The blackbird means it's spring.

So do the piles of melting (rotting?) snow. They probably look just as bad everywhere else, but this has been a very snowy year in my 'hood. See attached.

But the real first sign of spring is when the company I work for brings in the mounds of mulch, to put on their landscaping. Will try to get a pic of the steam rising from them this year...


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The icebreaker will be opening up the St. Lawrence River this week, and shipping should resume next weekend. Another Sure Sign of Spring...

Red-wing blackbirds and Canada geese have been here a week or so, when the phoebes start nesting in the garage, we'll know for certain that spring has sprung!
Signs of Spring

Canada Geese, Mallards, and other assorted ducks stay around here (NE Illinois) all winter, so they're no help... The redwings are always a welcome sight, though.