Spring and Sandhill Cranes


Wood Girl #1186
At first glance, I thought they were deer walking across the yard but instead 8 magnificent Sandhill Cranes had landed nearby and were moving toward the river. I know spring is really here when I see these graceful doe colored giants with their stunning Mahogany colored caps. Due to the thaw, the river at the foot of my yard is all open today, running fast and high. I left the windows open to let it's sweet whisper sooth my jangled nerves. Sweet music, majestic flock, warm air. Spring is near.

Thursday last week, I was sitting at lunch/meeting, and saw a flock of sandhills fly overhead, past the window. I thought it was too early for them, and wrote it off as misidentification...

Then on my way home from Canoecopia, I saw redwinged blackbirds, and thought maybe I was right... COOL!