Should I sell the Seliga ?


Novice Canoe Restorer
I am really agonizing over this. Number one son has gone off to school. The 1978 Seliga hangs on its rack. Maybe it's time to let someone else care for it. I just haven't been able to work up the energy to put together an eBay ad.

Children and canoes.
We only get to care for them for a space of time.
Wisdom comes fleetingly.
We must know when to let go.
And to trust that our work was well guided.

Burma Shave.:cool:
You know, sometime after you sell it, the kids will come back and say, "Dad, where's that old Seliga? I'd love to go canoeing with it."

Or some variation on the theme...
I can't help thinking of the elderly lady who spent much time circling our car-with-canoe-on-top, then found us in a nearby restaurant because she needed to tell someone (who might understand) how much she missed her Old Town canoe.

Figured out a while back that canoes are "easy keepers" compared to horses. They don't need regular exercise. They can sit in the barn, and I can smile, knowing they are there... and not feel guilty about it.

As long as you are "torn" in this decision, maybe you should wait. They aren't building any more Seligas...

10 years later, still have the Seliga, and still thinking of selling it.....
I am willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and remove this problem from your garage if you are ready.
I hate to see another person agonize over a decision and suffer so greatly and for so long ...and for that reason, I am willing to sacrifice myself.
Let me know if you are ready to let the old girl go.;)
At the risk of giving away the depth of my affliction...I had already noticed that canoe when it popped up a couple days ago. It looks like it was nicely restored.
If someone gave me one of Joe's canoes I'd find a home for it...but it would need to come at a much better price than that one is listed for... I'd have to unload two or three of my good ones to buy that....
Canoe-events usually have a bulletin board with pictures and descriptions of canoes that are for sale, but are not physically present. I'm not sure this will be true of the event this year at Widji, but will be surprised if they don't have a listing somewhere of canoes for sale-- especially Seliga canoes. I'll see what I can find out and will get back to you.