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Old Town 125727 is a 16' CS (Common sense or middle) grade double ended boat that was completed November 1938 to February 1939, with open spruce gunwales, ash decks, spruce seats, a keel, outside stems, and a floor rack. Original color was dark green. Click on the thumbnail below to get a larger image.

This scan and several hundred thousand others were created with substantial grants from the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA) and others. A description of the project to preserve these records is available at if you want more details. I hope that you will join or renew your membership to the WCHA so that services like this can continue. See to learn more about the WCHA and to join.



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Thank you


Thank you for responding. I cannot find photos anywhere of this peculiar design. It has a double rowing rig, solid seats and they are mounted on an interior "interior gunwales". Are you familiar with this configuration?