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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have aquired an Old Town canoe from a friend and it needs new canvas and such. I was told that I need to get the book Wood and Canvas Canoe. I am going to get it. I found the serial number and it is 17L702. I know very little about boat building procedures however I am pretty handy and i am going to restore it. Any info on this canoe would be very helpful. Thanks in advance Lee.
Hi Lee,

Glad you found your way over to this neck of the net. Check your serial number again - there are no letters in Old Town serial numbers. See if you can turn that L into a letter. Check both stems - the number is stamped on each end of the canoe.

serial number correction

the serial number on the other side looks like 171702. I think that is the correct one. Thanks Lee
Attached is the build record for the Old Town canoe with the serial number 171702. Check that your canoe is 17' long to be sure it is a likely match (the length is also stamped on the stem along with the SN.


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