Serial Number old town


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Me again. I was able to crawl under the canoe and get the number
4841878 What can you tell me? Thanks a bunch. I am also going to need to find out value as I will be looking to sell it. Can you point me in the right direction for that too? :)
if the last 2 digits are supposed to be the length, then I guess the serial number must be 48418-18 or 48478-18 it is really hard to tell the 7 from the 1 s. :confused:
If you have an 18 foot long canoe then you probably need to crawl under it again and take another look at those numbers because 48418 is a 16 foot long canoe and 48478 is a 15 foot long canoe. I even checked 148478 and 148418 but both of these are 17 foot long canoes. Be sure to check both ends and the information at may also help. Let me know which digit is the least clear and I can take another look at the records.