Serial Number Inquiry - Old Town Dinghy


After more extensive review and many more sets of eyes, we think we have most of the serial number. We think there are 5 digits, the first is a 9 and the last three are 352. So we have 9*352. Is there anyway to search the single missing digit in the database? It is a 10'2" Old Town Dinghy, the original color was either Yale Blue, or Pale Blue. Not sure if there is any further information I can provide other than it was found in the 1000 Islands area of Upstate NY (Clayton to be specific). Thanks and I understand this is a manual process, so I appreciate all the efforts.

Here you go, only one in the 9X352 series that might be a match.



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Thanks so much Dan! I think this is definitely it. Now that identification is complete, we can move on with the serious work.