Old Town Dinghy? Not sure ... please help!


Hello all! I am new to this site, and I am also new to old wooden boats. We purchased a small piece of property in the 1000 Islands and after the close discovered this gem out in the back. It has been uncovered and uncared for for many, many years. My wife and I fell in love instantly and we want to make her seaworthy again. I feel I cannot begin work until I at least know what kind of boat it is, and possibly the year. I cannot find a serial number anywhere. Are there certain places I should look (I have searched everywhere obvious)? Any help/advice/jokes-about-my-sanity would be appreciated. Thanks!
Ryan McKinley

She measures 10'2" from transom to tip of bow. She is 44" across at the widest point and roughly 17 inches tall.

I just did a pencil etching of the board with the serial number and I can definitely see the last 3 numbers - 352. That is all. Trying to make out more. Keep you posted.
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Looks like a cartopper to me-- maybe a PennYan? If it's a PennYan, the serial number may suggest the year it was built. Several of the old canoe-building companies made cartoppers-- and several of the folks here have restored these nice little boats. I'm glad you are of a mind to save her!

Take a picture of the serial number-- digits which the naked eye can't see will sometimes show up in digital photography. PennYans may have letters and numbers.

What you've got is one of a number of dinghy models offered by Old Town - specifically, there 10' 2" dinghy "modeled for motor use chiefly.... " It was offered 1931-1941; a page from the 1931 catalog is attached.

PS - welcome to the Thousand Islands!


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We can look up the build record if you find the serial number-- sometimes posting a picture helps, because several people can provide opinions and we can narrow it down even if a couple digits are difficult to see.
Thanks Kathryn and Dan. I have posted an album in my profile that has all the pictures in it. I am working on some charcoal etchings to try to learn the serial number. No luck yet.

Dan, I'll have to look you up next time I am at the River. Should be in the next few weeks hopefully. My wife's family has owned a place on Murray island for 25+ years, and they just bought another small property on Murray a few months ago (that is where we found the beaut). I visit the Antique Boat Museum every year, and love to watch the Zipper go past us on Eel Bay. I may have to get some pointers and advice on restoration from you when I see you :). Thanks!!

Ryan McKinley