Curious about Wooden Canoes
What is the best way to determine the value of a 1982 Seliga canoe? She has one cracked rib otherwise she is in excellent shape. I have owned it since 1990 and have not used it in years. Also what would the best way to sell it? Thanks, Campy I also have a 1951 Old Town 15' that I have the same questions about.
I'd check with Dan Lindberg - I think he may even have some kind of a list of folks who are looking for Seligas. I know he's helped a few find them.

I paid a slightly higher price for my Seliga than the "what's my canoe worth" thread would indicate, simply because of the quality and scarcity of the brand (and that I live in MN, so...) I've heard prices have increased a bit since the publication of the book about Joe Seliga, but things are always only worth what someone will pay for them, right?

Not that I particularly advocate this course of action (I'd rather see the canoe go to someone who will paddle it) but Piragis Northwoods Outfitters in Ely buys Seligas (and often fixes them and resells them for... a substantial price).
Pictures of your boat would be great, if you have them.
At one time I thought of building a Seliga copy as a stripper, but I couldn't convince myself that I had the lofting skills (and others) to do the job properly. And, as I did not own one, I didn't want to impose on a friend of mine who did own one to loan me his boat until I was finished. So I made a Prospector instead.

What Benson said, times maybe 1.5 for a Seliga.

When the book 1st came out and for a few years after Joe passed, the prices for his boats were very strong.
I have nothing to support it, but my suspicion is that values have come down a bit in the last few years.

With that said, Joe isn't building anymore are there are a lot of folks who would like one of his boats. (and no, I don't have a list of folks looking, I've had folks ask me but I haven't kept any records of them)

And as Nick said, Piragis has a standing request for Seliga's that he then resells for significantly more.
If you are in a hurry, call Steve, if not run an ad on this site and/or in the Echo.

And, if I could, what is the S/N of your canoe and where did you get it? And what wood species were used on it?


ps, Mark, if you still have an interest in making a Seliga stripper, I have the lines/numbers for/from 3 canoes, of course they are all a bit different at one point or another, but they are there.
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Didn't mean to throw you under the bus and imply you could sell his canoe for him, Dan. My apologies. I just know you're always the one with the Seliga info... Glad to see you chimed in.

I may take you up on that, although we would need to keep it on the QT at the home front here, if you get my drift.

Anytime, just let me know. It's an excel file.
And to get your juices flowing....


ps and I still would like to hear about that Morris.

Seliga Lines - All Cross Section Chart.jpg
The Seliga's seial number is 82 4578 which would make it made in 1982 and the 457 canoe made in August. I bought it in 1990 and have taken it on many BWCA trips and would have no qualms about taking it again other than the weight of it. The canoe is red and with the cracked rib still very good shape. To make it new it would need the rib fixed would intail redoing the canvas which I haven't done because the canvas is fine. Then fix the rib and redo the inside from gentle use it has had. I will post pictures of it in a couple of weeks as I am going on vacation. I would rate the canoe a 7.5 or 8 /10. Campy

I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.

S/N 82 457 8 - Is a 17 ft'er with the build starting in August, it is the 398th canoe Joe built. It was ordered by a person from Iowa on 7/9/81
and was picked up on 10/5/82. It was originally red and sold for $1220. This would have been a low end version with a curved deck and dark green decal. It likely has 3.5" Northern White cedar planking and ash trim. It was resold at least once to a Mark C.

And a piece of trivia, the famous yellow Dean Seliga is the next canoe Joe built, S/N 82 458 9.

That would be me Mark C. and I still have the canoe. Thanks for the history of it as I bought it from a Marty Reeks from Iowa. The inside trim is ash and the outer gunwale is Mahogany. She still sports her original red paint although I did paint over some sign painted on the end of the canoe. Campy
Hey Mark,

Always good to talk/hear from a Seliga owner. If you didn't know, Marty was the original owner. Can you confirm any more of the details I listed?
ie, does it have a curved deck? and what wood species is it, and is the planking the NWC at 3.5 ".

I created and maintain the Seliga Build Record, which has all the canoe data from Nora's typed build cards, and am always looking to make it more complete and accurate.

Seliga materials

Dan, The decks are curved and made of cherry, the inner gunwale is ash, the outer mahogany, the planking is white cedar of 3" to 3 1/2", and she was a great BWCA/Quetico canoe. The last trip I had with it was in 1998 and I weighed it going in at 78 pounds and after 3 weeks she weighed in at 122 pounds. I now use a kevlar canoe. The Seliga was an excellent canoe though for tripping other than the weight. I hope that helps your records. When I get back from vacation I'll post some pictures and maybe you can help me with a fair price for her. I might put it up for bids. Mark
Wow, that is some weight gain over 3 weeks! I understood that they absorb water, but it is interesting to see a number attached to this.