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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am restoring a 1956 Seliga and need to replace the decal. Any ideas on where to find one?
Thanks for your help!

Which decal are looking for? I've attached a file showing the decal I think you should have.

And if I could ask, what S/N do you have, so I can add it to the build record.



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Thanks for your reply!

The S/N number is 473356.

Our Seliga decal is different. I have attached a picture for you to view. It is just a Seliga, not a Sel-Craft.

Thanks for your help!


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S/N number 4 73 356 - this canoe was built/started in Apr 1973, and is canoe number 356. It was sold to a Bill Head of Oklahoma City and picked up in Sept '73.

That's why it didn't have the Sel-Craft decal. Joe stopped using the Sel-Craft decal in about 1968 and started using the one shown in your pic then.

Assuming you're not Bill head, how did you end up with the canoe?

Also, send me a private message with your address.


BTW, canoes in the 50's had the S/N code: year, "4", (for double ended) and a 3 digit number, (for canoe number), as in "56 4 210", and almost all the canoes Joe built in the 50's were sold to camps, though by now a lot have ended up in private hands.