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Just wanted to let you know that I added some info to the Seliga Canoe Enthusiasts web site Click on the Recent Site Updates button to see the recently added information. I am working with one of Joe Seliga's grandaughters to turn the site over to her to maintain it in the family. Please share your Seliga canoe information with others by sending it to the address noted in Contact Us. It's hard to believe that Joe has been gone for almost two years. We miss him a lot - going to Ely without visiting him just isn't the same...

Marlyn Sjaarda
A lot of love in that web site. I'd like to thank all the people who put so much time and effort into it. I think I'll get the Seliga out tomorrow!

If any of you were at the Memorial Service for Joe Seliga, I would appreciate it if you would share any photos you might have taken. You can email them to the address noted on the website on the "Contact Us" page. I'll include them in the Photos section of the website. Thanks.
Anyone know if the website above for those who own Seliga canoes is still active? I've just joined WCHA and own a Seliga. I've tried the link, but it just takes me to a Go Daddy ad, so I'm assuming the Seliga website no longer exists - correct?
I'm not sure if that site is still active, but I dought it. Marlyn passed it off to one of Joe's grandkids many years ago, and IIRC, there was little activity after that.

With that said, tell me about your Seliga, where did you get it, the S/N, any pics? condition etc.

ps - is yours possibly S/N 11 77 401
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Hi Dan,
Too bad about the Seliga website, but I know websites do require a lot of attention to maintain.

I bought my canoe directly from Joe. I commented about meeting with Joe in the Joe Seliga thread a couple days ago. What great people he and his wife were! I ordered my canoe while sitting at his kitchen table or inside his shop, and picked it up at his house. I've got lots of pics of the canoe from my BWCA days, but they're all film format.

S/N sounds right. I was thinking it was 75 or 76, but 77 would make sense as well. It's a pine green boat and I think it's one of Joe's regular (although none of his canoes are just "regular") 17' canoes. It was used on a few trips per year while I was in MN, but not much use at all since I left MN in 1982. I thought about leaving it in MN when I left, but couldn't do it. It's been to some Maine lakes, which are like northern MN in a lot of ways, as well as some nice lakes near where I live in CT when my son was young.

I have the canoe in my backyard right now after TSP washing the canvas yesterday with the thought of repainting it. I keep it in my basement (temp and moisture controlled) on a wooden structure with air circulation all around it. I mentioned in the Canvas and Mildew options thread that I had some concerns about surface mildew in spots, and MGC was kind enough to provide information about washing, current paint options etc. I've done some preliminary checks based on MGC's comments and I think the canvas and all the wood are in great shape. I need to touch up with paint a couple spots on the canvas where there are small scuff spots, so I was thinking I might as well repaint the full hull. Just how to get the color now with Petit not making the pine green. The inside looks really good with the last varnish job, but I haven't inspected it really closely since I was focused on the bottom yesterday. I was always REALLY fanatic about no weight in the canoe unless it was fully floating in the water. Taking care of things is a compulsion of mine, and I've always really loved this canoe and the experience of being on the water in it.

Yesterday when I was working on it I started to think about the end game for the canoe as the years have gone by. I love canoes and bought my first one with my lawn mowing money at age 14. Did the 100+ mile Allagash (N. Maine) in boy scouts... and other trips. I was struck a couple days ago when I saw from a 2015 post in a BWCA website that the asking for an older Seliga was $7,000. Not sure my sons have the canoe passion I do (kayak guys...), so I'm wrestling with what to do with it.

Sorry for rambling on. Best wishes,

I just guessed on the S/N, and the name. '77 was the 1st year Joe listed Pine Green as a color, and then for a few years he painted a number that color.
The value of Joe's boats has varied some over the years, with the high point in the 2007-10 range. With the last few years being about 25% lower. (IMO)
Canoes in the $7k and up range are basically unused, and I think Piragis currently has one priced in this range.

No argument here, but there are plenty that haven't been used.
BTW, I see you were posting over on the site. And yes, I'm the Dan referenced and yes, I have and maintain the Seliga Build Record.
It's a long story but it lists every canoe/boat that Joe built and a little info about them.
Ah, the light was starting to go off for me when you were so knowledgeable about the SN, the date, and the pine green. I was going to come back to you and ask, but I thought I had expended my allotment of your time today. I'll save it for another day :).