Scams...Sgt. Harry

Dave Osborn

Here is a recent inquiry....I have to laugh! Who would take this seriously??

My name is sgt harry i saw your advert placement of your (VINTAGE CANOE) which am interesting in purchasing it.. I want you to answer all the following question before below :
1)Why do you want to sell it
2)For how long do you have it
3)Is it well okay or what' i mean the present condition.
4)And am located in Sweden and i want to purchase your VINTAGE CANOE for my only son...
5)And i will like to have the recent pictures of it .
6)And your LAST ASKING PRICE please get back to me.And i want you to understand that my mode of payment lays on U.S certified bank cashier's cheque or money order and i will be handle the pick up....
It must work....the scam has been going on for years in one form or another. And hey...I happen to have a cashiers check here for $500,000, but I can't cash it because my cousin is a prince and has been thrown in prison. If you will just send me your bank routing number and account number, I will let you keep $50,000 for cashing it for me.

Personally, I am a little more skeptical than most when it comes to people tossing free money at me....but it must work.
yeah, our boy Harry got ahold of me today too. Funny thing is that I am not selling a canoe. I am looking for one. I thought about sending him a pic of my courting canoe, and getting him to send me the check, but decided it is just too much work to yank his chain.
Long Swim

I told the UK folks that send emails to swim over with US dollars in hand and I would sell the canoe and give them a paddle to make the return trip that much easier. :cool: