Classified con

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I recently got this email:
My name is Sgt Harry i saw your advert placement of your (canoe) which am interesting in purchasing it.. I want you to answer all the following question before below :
1)Why do you want to sell it
2)For how long do you have it
3)Is it well okay or what' i mean the present condition.
4)And i will like to have the recent pictures of it .
5)And your LAST ASKING PRICE please get back to me.And i want you to understand that my mode of payment lays on U. S certified bank cashier's cheque and i will be handle the pick up....
I deleted it without replying.
I guess neither of you really want to sell that badly. After all, he does say his mode of payment lays on U.S. certified bank cashiers cheque. Perhaps neither of your boats are well okay?:rolleyes: dumped several of those e-mails over the last couple of years. Bad grammar and spelling are a common thread, as well as lack of "canoey" talk in the message.
I was dealing with a person on a canoe that told me that they had "sold" it to one of these offers. I immediately forwarded some other conversations on this forum to them to make them realize their mistake. I guess they were able to back out of it somehow. They were very thankful.