scale canoe work

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
Hi all,
I just thought some would enjoy some scale model work.



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funny you say that..

I did do an article several years ago, forgot which issue, I'll check and post. It's funny you ask though, I'm getting ready to submit a lengthy one but wanted to get a "canoe shop" diorama finished so I can show that as well. Boy, you think the 1/8 scales are hard, try 1/12 doll house scale. Dont think smaller is easier!! Anyhow, I will make sure I do an article sooner than later. I've learned alot since 1989 and 70 canoes later. It's still fun to do and I always find new, exciting thinks to make. Think you can get away with cutting corners than making full sized? Wrong!! Stuff still snaps easily and grain must be perfect!
stem bands

My stem bands are made out of real brass. I shear them, quite tricky to get a consistant width, then glue them to the canoe and prime up to them and paint.