Salt Damage


I have been given a canoe with salt damage to the fastening. No canoe should be sent to the burn pile so I am willing to completely retack it. My question is what can be used to stain or cover the white salt rings on the interior before varnish. Many thanks for any suggestions. R.C.


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RC you need pics for the real assist. There is salt and there is SALT !! I did two with wicked salt and it can be done with a lot of patience and physical effort. I used my 1100 psi pressure washer with an aggressive stripper. I had to use every clamp I had to secure everything as all the fasteners were suspect and it almost fell completely in the driveway. That was really successful and then I went to the two part teak cleaner and took special pains to make sure I really paid attention to every salt ring. At the end they were not distinguishable before oiling or after varnishing. I think it took me some 4-6 hours to get it right with all the fussing at the end, but it was worth it to save an early Williams 16 foota. The 17 foota I had was not quite as bad but almost and provided a sense of what could be done so I did it.
Have fun and be patient and hopefully you do not need to rust this once in decades conservation.


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Same experience as Dave above with using a 2 part cleaner. No worries. Should clean up fine.