Spaces between planks

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I am restoring a 1932 OT HW model, 17 foot. The hull is now repaired structurally, canvased, and filled. As I believe is typical of many old canoes, the planks have shrunk over the years, leaving spaces between. This leaves quite a contrast in the interior of the canoe between the dark, aged planks and the almost white canvas. Can anyone offer a suggestion on how to address this? Would it be advisable to stain the canvas in the spaces with a dark oil based stain? Or should I have filled all of the spaces from the outside before canvasing? Or is this just the way it is.....? Thanks!
Just fine the way it is. Like you I was concerned about the spacing between the planks and everyone assured me that this is normal. Eventually that white canvas will start to darken.
If the gaps bother you because of the contrast and are wide enough,try using a kids school felt marker they come in many colours.Whicheverone you choose know that the ink from them can tend to run.Works though