Rushton Serial numbers?

Don't think anyone knows that. There don't seem to be any surviving records, either.

Ser# reference


I was reading the WCHA reprint of the Rushton Indian Girl Canoe catalog of 1910 where I found the following comment on the last page under Repairs and Refinishing.

The discussion is about paint color, "On the heel of the stem of your canoe, you will find some number, such as 2719. If you want us to match the shade originally on your canoe, send us that number."

That would make you think they keep some sort of build record on each canoe with a serial number.

I have a serial number 132 or 182 in an early Indian Girl and a four digit number 5499 plus 16, to show a 16' canoe in a newer model.


Hi Paul,

I don't doubt that the Rushton factory kept records for each canoe, and could do as they claim in the catalog. However, the whereabouts or disposition of them, as far as I know, are unknown to any canoe historian or musuem curator that I am familiar with. It is quite possible they were destroyed when the factory closed in 1920 (or sometime after), or maybe are lying in an attic somewhere waiting to be rediscovered.