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Does any bodt have any pics. Of rushton hardware or pics of rushton wood and canvas canoes. I was wondering if the flag penant diamond shaped brackets are original on my ig .i stripped the painters ring and found the rushton stamp on top and bottom. I will post pics of the hardware a little later.
Here are the pics


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The little turnbuckle and the deck cleat are original and usual. The flagstaff socket may be too, but there are other styles that are surely Rushton.
What Valiant said... The turnbuckle was an off-the-shelf hardware store item (screen door, storm window, etc. piece). The marked painter ring typical. The flagpole socket is a bit different than the style shown in the Rushton catalogs (attached below), but that is of little concern, as Rushton, like most builders, sourced his hardware from outside, and probably took whatever he was sent.


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The flag socket looks like some i saw on morris canoes and i know he hired one of the morris builders so i thought that it might be original on the early models.