Running ink?

Fritz Koenig

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Anybody had trouble with Varnishing or fiberglassing over a lable and having the ink run or smudge? Is special ink needed?
No Runs

Hi Fritz:

I have been experimenting with printed decals under epoxy and glass (MAS epoxy/slow hardener). See the Stitch and Glue forum. I have been using a HP inkjet printer with cartridge Nos. 94 and 95 and have had no trouble with running colors. I tried tracing paper and also japanese sketching rice paper. I think the rice paper works best. I also used the best quality settings on the printer.

After all of this experimentation, I might not clutter up the decks afterall. I like the look of the mahogany ply.


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You might try getting a can of spray on varnish, give the decals/labels one coat before applying to the canoe, ie while still on the printed sheet. The spray on varnish coats the ink, and should help prevent it from running when the decals are soaked or varnished over after the decal is on the canoe. It works well for me with water slide decals,the ink does not run when soaking or when applying regular spar varnish after it is on the canoe.