Easdale canoe brochure form the early thirties


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easdale canoes are built on the russian river,california's vacation land
pictures or i would say drawings of the easdale sail boats ,plenty of beam and flaring full bow
easdale 10 and 12 ft dinghy
easdale sail boats
easdale runabouts
flat boats
easdale war canoe

found a sales brochure from the early thirties
looks like it was printed yesterday it was well preserved showing several of the canoes and sail boats from way back and pricing $165 for the best one
just curious if this would be of any value to a collector

it is an 11x17 glossy stock ink used is black ,printed front and back folded to 8-1/2x11
only has creases where some one had folded it to put it in their pocket
other then that looks like they just printed it yesterday

it was found along with alot of 1930's invoices and checks for an old gas station in seligman arizona out of all places
shows all the prices on these canoes and specifications

be good to hear if anybody would know more about this item
just curious if this would be of any value to a collector

Almost anything old is of value to someone. Dan Miller and I have been scanning old canoe company catalogs for some time and making this information available at http://woodencanoe.org/catalog/index.php?cPath=90_91&osCsid=9d678fa46cfbf9d00a566e3447b07756 and http://www.dragonflycanoe.com/cdrom.htm for anyone else who is interested in information like this. It would be great to add Easdale to the collection. R. C. Cross is also interested in Easdale as indicated at http://forums.wcha.org/showthread.php?t=333 previously. What do you want to do with your Easdale catalog?

Easdale brochure

Still Don't know what to do with the original,just trying to decide if I want to hang on to it , or if belongs in the smithsonian , or to get it appraised.
it is a piece of history you don't find this stuff every day in that condition

guess just have to give it some thought,tom
I suspect that the Smithsonian might not be too excited about an Easdale catalog. My experience is that private collectors usually take better care of things like this in most cases. You could always just put it on eBay and see what happens. I would bid if the opening price isn't too high and several other people here might also.