Robertson rt-10

Has anyone tried the Robertson rt-10 canvas filler? It is a water based filler that claims to have a three day dry time. I am looking to get my canoe in the water and don't want to wait till winter. summer is short enough as it is in Canada.
Robson Mastic RT10

I have been using the product for almost 6 years now on the suggestion of another builder who has used it for much longer. I like it because it is easy to apply, can be applied all in one day and painted within 3-4 days. It fills the weave better and therefore takes less paint to get a smooth finish. This product was not designed for boats, but rather for waterproofing canvas that is wrapped around steam and water pipes in the construction industry. It can sustain harsh conditions and remains pliable. The only down side is that because it is basically a latex rubber compound, it can not be sanded easily, therefore you must take great care in smoothing it out with your hands before it dries or it is like sanding a rubber eraser. I have never had a boat returned due to this product. It is holding up well.
I would suggest that it is around the same weight as traditional fillers per volume. I sell the 4 liter pail for $57 Can. and it will do three coats on one 16 foot canoe and maybe half of another 16 footer. It keeps well in the pail as long as it is sealed tight.