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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am new to the list so hello to all.
I am about to finish my first canoe.I am building it out of redwood that I salvaged from a couple of decks that I rebuilt. I was talking with a canoe builder that said he had a boat that he made out of redwood delaminate on him. Do any of you have any info that would put my mind at rest
I built this one from redwood 30 years ago (before we even had high-quality epoxy resins to use) and it hasn't delaminated yet. Please ask the canoe builder when it's supposed to happen so that I can plan ahead.


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redwood canoes

no doudt a great canoe!!!.
I am sure that I am worrying for nothing it just made me nervous when he said that happened. I am sure he had a problem with something on the surface.
I have enough wood for about 6 more canoes and hope to do a rowboat from newfound as well