Question Again re: Filler

Peter J

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Thanks to Bill Mackey for describing the use of Zinsser Waterproofing paint to fill canvas. A couple of questions if I may Bill: With reference to the cement in the product, did you find it hard to sand? Was there sufficiant flexibility in the canvas/finish after? Was the product heavy?

Another question. (dumbquestionguy has some competition!) I just came in from the shop where I tried simply painting some canvas with Benjamin Moore's Impervo. A couple of quick coats looks like it's going to fill the weave well enough to begin sanding. Am I missing something regarding the need/purpose of the filler? Am I missing something critical thinking just paint will work to fill the weave?

Thanks in advance.

Oh just wait - I've got piles of stupid questions... I'm just spacing them out so as to be as minimally abrasive as possible. And for the record, it's "dumbquestionsguy" - plural - indicating the multiple nature of the dumb questions.

Credit Dave Wermuth for letting us know about Zinsser. Yes start sanding with the second coat, it built up nicely and helps make the canvas waterproof. Paint alone will not fill the weave of the canvas and you will not get a smooth surface. Definitely use a filler,and this is a good one, and cheap and here in Colorado with 20% humidity it dries in 30 minutes. One end of the canoe is dry by the time I finish painting the onther end.
Can some please tell me if using this Zinsser Waterproofing Paint as a canvas filler will result in a weight savings vs traditional fillers.
Can some please tell me if using this Zinsser Waterproofing Paint as a canvas filler will result in a weight savings vs traditional fillers.
Howie, I've used zinsser but never traditional filler so can't tell you about weight saving. I know it's quite tough but again can't do a comparison. On my last boat, I used a sort of variation of the
.... Latex filler mentioned on the forum. With the change of language as meanings cross the Atlantic I used what I think are the right materials. I do think it is light, but then it's only a 12foot canoe. Long story cut short : sorry can't really help !
I used zinsser years ago. It was oil based . I have switched to a latex primer. I add mildewcide and after the first two coats I add lightweight exterior latex spackle to thicken it and then I squeegee. Sanding between coats. It dries fast and no waiting to cure.
So what your thoughts on your latex primer vs traditional filler (eg Kirby's) weight-wise?
And which latex primer did/do you use?
I have been using Sherwin Williams Pro bloc. Prep rite. I really am happy with it. It is a primer intended for interior/exterior use. I put two coats on and usually have half a gallon left. I then mix in light weight exterior spackle to get it thicker and to fill better. two more coats go on and I squeegee it smooth in sections. My current project went so well that I quit before using the entire gallon. I just put the first coat of kirby gray filler on today and am very pleased. When I used traditional filler I think I didn't rub it in right because after a few years it cracked. I think I put it on too thick? The latex can be applied once in the morning and again in the afternoon. It's ready for paint in a couple days. I always sand between coats. I also use a squeegee, even though I can't spell it. So I get several thin coats of filler.